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Zero-waste-face-makeup-remover, i have a bad habit of rubbing my eyes. i know i shouldn’t, especially because i wear contact lenses and eye makeup, but i can’t help myself. i’ve been known to get raccoon eyes. i took me a while to find a good zero waste mascara. i really like this one from 100% pure sold in a metal, recyclable tube. it's nice and thi. Remove your makeup with zero waste lifestyle. we strive to do things that save money and reduce the amount of waste produced by a family. our mission is to provide sustainable, reusable, zero waste products that keep single-use plastic and disposables out of our oceans and landfills., reusable make up remover pads 16 bamboo removal pads 3 layers laundry bag washable eco-friendly natural bamboo cotton rounds for all skin types face cleaner eye make up remover pads zero waste makeup.

Removing your makeup doesn't have to be wasteful. i use a diy oil cleanser to do the job. i store the cleanser in a little upcycled glass dropper bottle, making it the perfect zero waste makeup remover., a short sentence describing what someone will receive by subscribing. notify me. spread the word.

I’ve been living in atlanta, georgia going on about a year now and i still stand behind the cliché “there’s nowhere else on earth i’d rather be” saying because well…there is no place i’d rather be right now in my 20s.. home to about 5,522,942 people and deemed the ninth largest metropolitan area in the states, atlanta has become what seems like the southern alpha city., all my friends told me not to message you back. they all said you were a ….. let’s go with jerk. but i didn’t want to be someone that judged people off of what they heard about them.