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Zep-air-and-fabric-odor-eliminator-sds, safety data sheet zep air & fabric odor eliminator version 3.2 revision date 04/08/2020 print date 08/09/2020 4 / 11 twa 400 ppm 980 mg/m3. Air & fabric odor eliminator - 1 gallon zuair128 pros rely on odor counteractants to deodorize rooms, carpets and upholstery. this professional grade formula neutralizes airborne and in-carpet smells leaving a fresh, long-lasting scent. neutralizes tough odors on contact, product code zuair material safety data sheet product name air & fabric odor eliminator fire-fighting procedures use an extinguishing agent suitable for the surrounding fire. spill clean up small spills can be taken up with an absorbent and placed in clean dry containers for later disposal. section 6. accidental release measures.

Material safety data sheet date of issue 09/16/14 product name air & fabric refresher r.t.u. product code 1359 supersedes product use liquid odor counteractant emergency telephone numbers for msds information: technical services group, product code zuairmaterial safety data sheetproduct name air & fabric odor eliminator spill clean upstop leak if without risk. move containers from spill area. dilute with water and mop up if water-soluble or absorb with an inert dry material and place in an appropriate waste disposal container.. Product overview the zep commercial air and fabric odor eliminator is great for use at home or at the office. this odor eliminator has a long-lasting fragrance and helps get rid of odors in carpets, rugs, upholstery, clothing, bedding, cars and more. the long-lasting fragrance keeps the space pleasant and fresh., odor control concentrate disinfects and eliminates odors and replaces them with a fresh scent. the antibacterial solution kills odor-causing germs on contact..

Arm & hammertm carpet deodorizer - all versions and fragrances safety data sheet according to federal register / vol. 77, no. 58 / monday, march 26, 2012 / rules and regulations and according to the hazardous products regulation (february 11, 2015)., kitchen peninsula with sink and seating.extra long gray kitchen peninsula with sink contemporary . peninsula with eating bar overhang houzz. kitchen island vs peninsula like the crisp clean look of . home improvement ideas